Speech from Halcyon Co-Founder, Rita Halbright

Here is Rita Halbright’s speech from our Opening Event on 30 January 2014:

I’m Rita Halbright, one of the four co-Founders, who are all here tonight – along with Achim Beck, Julie Matthaeus and Pamela Sears.

As promised, this is an evening of celebration and thanks. We become ever more aware of the gratitude we feel to so many people, many who are here tonight, who believed in us – even if they didn’t totally understand how innovative a school we had planned to open – supported us through professional expertise, moral support and of course financial support. To date, Halcyon has been completely funded by people who believe that not-for-profit, 21st Century IB education should exist in Central London. How often do we get to invest in something we truly value? If it feels this good, I suggest we all do it a bit more. And don’t worry, there will be more opportunities to contribute to this new and exciting charity.

We hope you have enjoyed this tiny snapshot of what Halcyon is about. There really is so much more to tell, but not tonight. We are immensely proud of our students, our staff and our committed families.  

Halcyon is growing every day, in every way.  I think I speak for all of us when I say it is an exhilarating place. And we thank you all for your support and hope many more of you join the Halcyon family in some way.  

HalcyonSpeech from Halcyon Co-Founder, Rita Halbright