A Day of Gothic Mapping: Grade 6 explore London’s top sites

This week, the Grade 6 class headed out on a journey to some of London’s top sites. Being in the midst of a unit on Gothic Fiction in English, and a Mapping Unit in Humanities, the students drew on their knowledge and skills to create a map of “Gothic London”. The maps were created using iPad applications and an e-book on Gothic elements; all feature colour-marked routes and small captions at each site.

Using Google Maps created in lessons, the class explored some of the most famous examples of Gothic and Neo-Gothic architecture in the city, namely: Westminster Abbey, St. Margaret’s Church, The Parliament Buildings, and the “Big Ben” clock tower. Student pairs were tasked with guiding the group from one point to the next using their burgeoning mapping and navigational skills.

Additionally, students were treated to mini lessons on Gothic themes and figures in history which included a short tour around Westminster Abbey with local historians.

Although the rain poured for the duration of the trip, the students were incredibly upbeat. They ensured, by the end of the trip, that their iPads were full of pictures and videos of their favourite elements; these will be used to enhance their maps and presentations. “This was a cool way to explore London”, remarked Andres as the class ended off the day with a reflection.

Aside from gaining greater knowledge of the Gothic Fiction genre, and navigating its many sites around London, the students have created a worthwhile project that can now be used by others wishing to explore our wonderful city. Well done to the Grade 6 class on a fabulous field trip!

By Michelle Jones, Halcyon’s English Teacher

HalcyonA Day of Gothic Mapping: Grade 6 explore London’s top sites