Discovering London’s Urban Messages: A Grade 7 Field Trip

Our Grade 7 class went on a field trip to China Town, Shaftsbury Avenue, and Piccadilly Circus. Although it was sunny when we left Halcyon, we should have worn our raincoats because it soon became wet and chilly. Despite the cold weather, our class was full of energy and excited to be out of the classroom.

Our class has been studying “urban messages”, like advertising and signs of London. We went on this field trip to take pictures for our Art and iBook projects. Both of these projects have asked us to promote our city and the diversity of the people living there.

A highlight for us all was China Town: We saw a lamplight made of paper, a stone sculpture of a lion, and advertisements for different food shops. We also ate some traditional pork buns, called “bao”, from a small store and took pictures of baked meat in the shop windows.

Before long, we hurried along to Piccadilly Circus where we took pictures of the fountain which is the famous symbol of Piccadilly Circus, as well as the beautiful buildings. The area is full of traffic signs, slogans, and boards. There are also a lot of enormous electric signs outside the buildings which light up your face!

This field trip was very impressive. Our class loved seeing the Chinese culture in London and the messages of the city.

We are all looking forward to next field with our Halcyon Teachers. Moreover, we hope for sunny weather to take many good pictures!

By Hermione Sung and Allegra Beck (Grade 7)

HalcyonDiscovering London’s Urban Messages: A Grade 7 Field Trip