Halcyon and Facing History and Ourselves

Halcyon London International School has a commitment to providing professional development opportunities to its members of staff. This is essential in order to keep the school at the forefront of developments in international education. Halcyon plans to participate in conferences and workshops offered by the  IBIBSCA and several other international organisations. One such, is Facing History and Ourselves.

Facing History is an international organisation that provides professional development and resources to educators. It focuses on bringing ethical and moral philosophy to history and social studies, particularly regarding issues of racism, civic responsibility and tolerance.

There is a natural synergy between Facing History’s professional training and resources and Halcyon’s ethos and core aims. Facing History-trained teachers cultivate such social-emotional competencies as self-awareness, empathy, perspective-taking, conflict resolution, ethical decision-making, and caring about the welfare of others. At the same time, a Facing History education promotes students’ historical thinking skills, including historical interpretation and analysis of evidence, causality and agency, chronological reasoning, and comparison and contextualization. Students in a Facing History course develop a heightened sense of civic responsibility as they learn to appreciate how their own efforts can contribute to building a civil society locally, nationally, and globally.

The establishment of links with organisations such as Facing History will become a feature of Halcyon as we establish ourselves as a leading international school.

HalcyonHalcyon and Facing History and Ourselves