Holistic Education At Halcyon

The IB’s Guide to the Middle Years Programme (IBMYP) states the following:

“The IBMYP offers an approach to teaching and learning that embraces yet transcends the focus on traditional school subjects. While insisting upon thorough study of the various disciplines, the IBMYP accentuates the interrelatedness of them and so advances a holistic view of learning. This perspective asks the student to consider issues and problems in their widest scope and to realize that good solutions often draw upon insights one has acquired from many sources. This means helping students recognize relationships between school subjects and the world outside, and learn to combine relevant knowledge, experience and critical thinking to solve authentic problems.”

Halcyon London International School is committed to offering the IBMYP and consequently places great importance on providing a holistic education.  J.R. Hare (1) has made the following statements about holistic education:

  • Holistic education brings breadth to the educational process. It represents a planned approach that encourages personal responsibility, promotes a positive attitude to learning and develops social skills. These are essentials in the modern world in which we live.
  • Holistic  education is a clear departure from the knowledge transmission approach to education that has been familiar in the past.  It prepares a student for life-long learning in which the educational focus moves towards the life-skills, attitudes and personal awareness that the student will need in an increasingly complex world.
  • The commitment to the subject knowledge of the student is maintained but is complemented by learning how to learn, the critical evaluation of knowledge gained and the use of knowledge in a broad range of contexts; it is these that represent the education currency of the future.

All three of the statements above complement Halcyon’s mission, aims and educational vision, and the IBMYP gives us the opportunity to deliver a high quality holistic education for your children.

If you would like to read more about this topic and its implications for education in the 21st Century we recommend the following articles.

  1. Hare, J.R. (2006). Towards an understanding of holistic education in the middle years of education. JRIE, 5: 301-22
  2. UNESCO (1996). Learning: The treasure within. The Report to UNESCO of the International commission on Education for the Twenty First Century chaired by Jacques Delors. Paris: UNESCO.
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