The Importance of Failing Well

A study of intellectually gifted students at a New Zealand high school has revealed one significant factor that distinguishes the highest achievers from the lowest achievers.

This factor was 100% significant – present in all the highest achievers and absent in all the lowest achievers.

This factor was their ability to fail well.

Read more about Lance King’s research here.

Lance King (B. Tech, Dip. Ed(dist), M.Ed(Hons)) is an internationally-recognised author, teacher and workshop facilitator who, in the last 18 years, has worked with over 150,000 students worldwide. He is the creator of the Art of Learning programme taught in over 200 schools in 10 countries and is a specialist in the direct teaching of “learning skills”.

Halcyon is looking forward to welcoming Lance in November to work with our Grade 9 students and parents.

HalcyonThe Importance of Failing Well