If Halcyon were a…

Accurately articulating the vision of a school is not an easy task; especially when the school does not physically exist yet! So our Founders took a more creative approach to describing their creation:

If Halcyon were a mode of transport it would be… 

  • a rocket ship: exploring the unknown, pioneering in a modern age
  • a Tube: eco-friendly travel network that was put together to make the world a better place
  • a double decker bus: more than one storey/story (levels and tales)
  • an ocean liner: exploring unknown depths and distances with many levels above and below.
  • Chitty Chitty Bang Bang: a vehicle of many abilities, able to handle different terrains
  • a Leonardo Da Vinci Flying Machine: exciting, visionary and a little bit crazy!

If Halcyon were an animal it would be… 

  • the brightly coloured, beautiful, skilled hunter – the kingfisher bird (also called Halcyon!)
  • an eagle: great wingspan, soaring through the skies
  • a bunny: exploring the wilderness
  • a Phoenix: a fantastic creature of triumph and a champion of good
  • an owl: with an expanding brain filled with knowledge
  • a cat: wise, challenging, soft, independent, purring.

If Halcyon were a beverage it would be… 

  • homemade lemonade with ice on a hot day – refreshing!
  • elderflower cordial: made from scratch
  • hand-pressed apple juice: authentic, real, uncompromised, true to its essence.
  • a smoothie: a mixed, healthy, fun, flavourful, yummy, blended concoction
  • hot chocolate: warm and welcoming
  • water: pure, clear, moving, changing, vital for life.

If Halcyon were a fruit or vegetable it would be… 

  • a kiwi fruit: on the surface it doesn’t look like much but inside is beautiful, interesting, delicious and packed with goodness
  • an onion: layers and layers; can accomplish many things
  • watermelon: lots for everyone and fun to share
  • peach: a strong core; juicy and sweet
  • an orange: many layers with a juicy centre
  • a strawberry: bite-sized and special
  • blueberry: different
  • peapod: a friendly place
  • an artichoke: complex, sophisticated and multi-layered
  • coconut: strong outer shell with a sweet filling.

When Halcyon London International School is open, we will also ask our students, families and staff for their descriptions of Halcyon.

We expect the answers to be equally creative and diverse!

HalcyonIf Halcyon were a…