Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.
— William Butler Yeats

As part of Halcyon's vision, it is a priority to broaden access and further diversify our community by ensuring that more ambitious and capable students can receive an IB education. 


Dear Halcyon Bursary Applicant,

We are delighted that you are considering Halcyon to complete your secondary education.

As the Co-Founders and Director of this innovative International Baccalaureate school, we want to tell you a bit about why Halcyon came to be so you can decide if Halcyon might be a good fit for you.   

One motivating idea was something we noticed in our research. Somehow education, in many instances, is stuck in a situation where the goal is more about getting information into a mind instead of working with and supporting that mind and the entire person to love learning, thinking, analysing, experimenting, collaborating, trying and just being. We went back to the root of the word “education” which is “educe” - to draw out. Education was originally about nurturing the learner to take charge of his/her learning and we want to recapture that approach - but with an updated touch.

We also believe that schools are facing a new challenge. If you ask 30-somethings about the jobs they currently hold, most of them will tell you they are doing something that didn’t even exist when they were at school. And that trend continues to grow so that means schools are educating their students for careers that either don’t exist yet or will mutate substantially by the time our graduates hit the working world.  So education should be about building a life-readying tool kit. Our students need to know lots of amazing information, but they also need to be flexible, resilient, intelligent collaborators who navigate with confidence in a digital world.

Once you go for higher education, you are going to specialise in an area of study. We felt that at 16-18 years old, students can continue to round out their understanding of the world by engaging with a broader academic curriculum. The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme includes two years of study in six demanding academic classes as well as the popular Theory of Knowledge course and an inspiring Creativity, Action, Service component that provides opportunities for self-determination, exploration and collaboration with others.

And one more thing. The world is getting smaller. Why wait for some language or uni exchange programme to experience a different culture when you live in one of the most multi-cultural cities on earth? Halcyon offers the IB curriculum in an international context. That means, all cultures or nationalities are valued at Halcyon. Our students and staff come from over 27 countries and speak close to 20 Mother Tongues (in addition to English). Many students study their Mother Tongue as part of the IB programme. You can go to school everyday and develop your international mindedness just by showing up and working and hanging with your classmates.

So, after a lot more research, discussion and soul searching, we realised that the kind of education we were envisioning wasn’t yet on offer in London. We were looking for a school that was innovative, student-centred, rigorous, academically broad, hands-on, digitally integrated, existing in a global context, and gets students out and about in London (and further afield) to develop, test and utilise their skills and knowledge at school and in the real world.  In short, an education that doesn’t just determine what school you might next be able to get into, but an education that helps you think about and achieve what you want in your education, but also in your life.

That’s Halcyon. Still interested?

If so, we hope you will consider applying for a bursary to join our school.

Achim Beck, Julie Matthaeus, Julia Alden, Pamela Sears, Rita Halbright, & Barry Mansfield

For September 2017, Halcyon is offering generous means-tested bursaries for school fees to deserving, academically strong students for IBDP entry for the last two years of secondary education (16-18 years). 

The Halcyon Bursary Scheme seeks highly motivated, intelligent, well-rounded independent learners who wish to complete their secondary education with the broad and rigorous International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme that positions students extremely well for higher education and beyond.

We invite applicants to apply as soon as possible and applications will be considered as part of our rolling admissions process. 

Halcyon is a registered charity (1150105) in England and Wales working closely together with Friends of Halcyon, a separate charity (1099682), which supports Halcyon's bursary programme through conducting our means testing and raising funds.


Bursary Application Procedure

  1. Parents express interest in joining Halcyon and applying for a bursary. 
  2. Parents are invited to review the application process, admissions criteria and bursaries information provided by the Admissions Co-ordinator.
  3. Parents pay the non-refundable Application Fee of £200 per student. 
  4. Parents and student complete the online application process. 
  5. Student and parent/s undergo admissions interview and entry tests as required.
  6. Admissions Committee considers offer of a place. Notification of the decision by the Admissions Committee will be sent as soon as possible. 
  7. For students who are successful in the application process, parents apply for a bursary by completing the School's bursary application form (confidential means questionnaire) and return to the School.
  8. Bursary Committee considers award of a bursary. Notification of the decision by the Bursary Committee will be sent as soon as possible. 
  9. Written Offer of Admission (including, where applicable, the award of a bursary and the conditions of the award) is sent to the parents. 
  10. Parents accept offer by completing the acceptance form.