Emilia Majewska - Purchaser and Facilities Officer

What should I say about myself ….hmmm?

I was born - we are all born in the right place, in Poland. I will tell you a bit about what my country looks like. I was born at the north of the country, close to the seaside (Baltyc). Beautiful beaches, cliffs and yellow sand. Every summer when I was little I always visited my grandma, in the west of the country. We would go often to the forest to pick mushrooms and blueberries. Something from those visits has stayed with me to this day - photographs.

My grandma had a lot of old photographs in her drawers. They were yellowing and the focus was not very sharp. But they were beautiful. I could see how the family looked and lived in days gone by. Those pictures stayed in my head and my heart for a very long time and those memories gave me a love of photography.

I did not study photography in school, but I taught myself how to use a manual camera and how to take photos. I then completed a few courses and started taking photos of my children, who are my best models :). I love being behind my camera and capturing the natural behavior and beauty of people.

That is one part of my world. The other side of my artistic soul is my financial and economic qualifications I received in my home country and experience gained during my work at a college in London.

I hope to share with Halcyon my financial experience to ensure the school’s financial success and growth with good principles and procedures and some good cheer every day. I have loved this School from the time I read about it on the website. This is an exciting place to work and I am proud to be part of the Halcyon community. I am committed to supporting the students and staff to achieve the highest standard. I look forward to meeting you and hearing your story and sharing more of mine.