Human Rights Watch Film Festival

Date: Tuesday 14 March
Location: Barbican cinema
Time: 1815
Event: Screening of '500 Years' followed by a discussion with filmmaker and activist

At Halcyon we have a 'weekly film festival’ with our Exploration. Last term we were discussing native Americans right through the movie 'También la Lluvia’, and the documentary ‘Living on One Dollar’ and ‘When the Mountains Tremble’. You can have a look at our blog

A great part of our discussions and reflections were based on the Guatemalan genocide and Mayan rights, which provided a link with our Sexual Violence in Conflict conference that G10 held at Halcyon last December. Following that topic, Human Rights Watch Film Festival offers a new movie ‘500 Years’ showing the story of Mayan resistance in Guatemala. After the screening join in a discussion with the film maker, Pamela Yates and Andrea Ixchíu, a Mayan activist. There are not many seats available so please, make sure you contact Ms. Gonzalez over the weekend if you are interested in attending this session. 

See the Human Rights Film Festival listings for the great films on this week.