Community Day MYP Students

Grade 6 visited ZSL London Zoo as part of Community Day. The trip had a science focus (looking at animal adaptations), but the students also researched and gathered information on the ethics of London Zoo. Each student a particular animal of her/his choice and researched the different adaptations it had to make.
"It was amazing," said Tilda, "It was a great experience," said Ian.


Grade 7 went to the Postal Museum. Students rode the "Mail rail" which was created in the 1920's to deliver post across London. We also learnt about the science of getting the mail rail to work and the importance of the postal system. We got the chance to examine artefacts from the first world war and how curators look at different sources to piece together stories from that time.


Grade 8 students visited the Thames Explorer Trust in Chiswick. They collected data on the physical processes and ecology of the River Thames and learnt about the role of the river in London’s history and the ways London protects itself from flooding.


Grade 9 visited the Royal Courts of Justice and had the opportunity to sit in on two cases in the court of appeal, to gain a better understanding of the legal process. We also were given a guided tour by a long-standing court journalist who talked extensively about the history, function and symbolism of the court system in England. We are planning a return visit to the Old Bailey soon. Unfortunately we couldn't take photos inside the venue.

G10 visited the Tate Britain. We focused on core British Values of Individual Liberty, which the students explored through the understanding of the collection of British Art from the 1500s to present. To support this, the students took part in an English and Art Task, by spending time looking at the works very closely, analysing the elements of design and took notes in preparation for presentation about the work.