Staff Member: Joanne Cooper, Mathematics Teacher

Hailing from the other side of the globe, Jo grew up and then taught in Sydney for many years. As Head of Mathematics and Acting MYP Coordinator, Jo has implemented and taught the IB MYP/DP for eight years in Australia. Inspired by the internationalism of the IB, she then taught in Malaysia before moving to London to work with Halcyon London International School. Jo also has MYP Coordinator experience.

Jo maintains that teachers must be ready to adapt the teaching pedagogy to accommodate and inspire 21st century learning. She has a degree in Mathematics, a Graduate Diploma of Education and a Masters in Educational Leadership. She is passionate about giving students the opportunity of working on the visualisation of mathematics through dynamic geometry software.

Outside of the classroom, Jo is an advocate for social justice and has travelled with student groups through Timor Leste and Peru on immersion programmes.