Miguel Alcantud, Integrated Science & Chemistry Teacher

Miguel Alcantud has 16 years of experience teaching Integrated Science in Middle and High School, plus IB Biology, Chemistry and ESS, as well as some Maths, English for adults and Spanish as a second language. Miguel has worked for several schools in Spain with most of his teaching experience at the American School of Valencia, where he enjoyed engaging in the IBDP.

Earning a university degree in Biochemistry as well as two Diplomas for teaching Spanish and English as a second language, Miguel has also completed training in IB Biology and Chemistry.

Miguel developed a passion for education as soon as he understood that life itself was an everlasting learning process and was also inspired by some of his own teachers.

Coming from the Mediterranean side of Spain, he arrived in London last August with his American-Spanish multicultural family. Miguel considers himself a citizen of the world with deep mediterranean roots, who enjoys bringing this international perspective into his classes.  He loves sharing the learning process with students, as he believes that the role of a teacher is to guide and accompany them throughout that process.  

Miguel speaks Spanish, English, Catalan and some Italian. He loves music (rock, Brit-pop, mediterranean folk), poetry, cooking, cycling or hiking.