How to Apply to Halcyon

Halcyon seeks students who:

  • possess the appropriate level of academic readiness (average to above average),
  • are collaborative and internationally-minded,
  • are self-disciplined and able to engage meaningfully in independent enquiry
  • have an appreciation of the value of learning additional languages
  • will thrive in an International Baccalaureate environment known for its academic rigour and diverse assessment methods.

Before you apply we encourage you to become familiar with this information:

Halcyon Vision and Mission Statements and Core Aims
Halcyon Admissions Policy
International Baccalaureate Curriculum
Other Halcyon Policies

Completed and current applications will be reviewed in the year prior to admission. Applications received prior to that date are considered expressions of interest only.


Stage 1: Parent Application and Application Fee

NOTE: Once you have started the online admissions application it must be completed as it cannot be saved nor accessed at a later time. Please review the application carefully, gather all the required information and draft your statements prior to beginning the application. We recommend that you draft the statements in Word and then copy and paste when you have finalised the text you wish to enter.

Step One:
Complete the Stage One Application Form. This form asks parents to provide general information about themselves and their child(ren) via a questionnaire. Halcyon acknowledges receipt of application by sending an email with instructions for payment of the non-refundable application fee of £200 and instructions for completing Stage 2.

Step Two:
Pay the non-refundable application fee of £200 per student.

Taster Days may be offered to applicants, on an invitation only basis or upon request, who have completed our Stage 1 process. Halcyon may not require a Taster Day in order to complete an application. You will be notified with details if an invitation is extended. 

Stage 2: Progressing Your Application

Step Three:
Requires the student to answer a series of online questions.

NOTE: Once your child has started the online questionnaire  it must be completed as it cannot be saved nor accessed at a later time. We recommend that your child draft their responses in Word and then copy and paste when they have finalised the text they wish to enter.

Step Four:
Using the Halcyon Teacher References online form, parents to request references from current / previous school(s).

Step Five:
Upload all required supporting information, including; School reports (including all teacher comments for previous two or three, dependent upon the Grade of application, academic years), Standardised Test / exam results / reports, School transcripts. 

Additional Required Documentation:
All educational tests or plans such as: IEPs (Individualised Education Plans), Educational Psychologist Reports, Medical Needs Reports must be supplied if they exist for the student. 

If required, the Admissions Office may ask for additional educational testing in support of an application. 


Stage 3: Interview and Notification

Step Six:
The final stage is an informal interview with the School’s Director, Barry Mansfield. The interview is a time for you, your child and the school to reflect on the application and discuss any questions you might have.

Step Seven:
Upon completion of the interview, the admissions committee will meet and you will receive written notification of the decision shortly thereafter. Notification of the decision regarding your child’s application will be sent as soon as possible.

Upon receipt of a written offer of admission you must do the following within seven business days:

  • return the signed acceptance form
  • arrange for payment in cleared funds of the £1,000 deposit (non-bursary applicants only). The written offer will include instructions on payment procedure
  • pay tuition by the tuition due date (as specified in the Invoice)

Fees for 2017/18

Grades 6-9: £23, 055 (£7,685/term)
Grade 10: £23,625 (£7,875/term) 
Grades: 11-12 £24,090 (£8,030/term) 

Development fee
1st year £1,750
after £425 

£1,500 for entry 2017/18 

Application Fee
£200 per student

Optional Halcyon Parent Community Fee

The HPC is an all-parent and all-volunteer organisation that supports Halcyon to help make the overall experience one that is engaging, enriching and meaningful for parents, students and staff alike. To that end, the HPC start-up committee determined that these efforts would be funded through an optional contribution of £25 per student per academic year. These funds and any other fundraising activities will be used to support events and projects such as New Family Welcome, Teacher Appreciation, International Family Showcase, etc.

Tuition fees are due in full for each term as follows: 

  • Term 1 01 June
  • Term 2 01 November
  • Term 3 01 February

Simple interest of 2% per month, accruing on a daily basis, will be calculated for fees which are unpaid. The School reserves the right to exclude the student if fees are overdue for payment and the student will be deemed to be withdrawn without notice if fees remain unpaid for 21 days. Please contact the Admissions Office to see the Terms and Conditions.

Tuition fee includes curriculum materials (except as indicated below), lunch and school day trips. The Halcyon lunch programme is mandatory (only meals prepared by the Halcyon catering team can be consumed within the school building) and as part of our commitment to sustainability, Halcyon offers a vegetarian menu. Healthy snacks are provided at break-time.

An initial development fee will be due in the first year of enrolment with an annual recurring development fee for subsequent years. The school development fee is due in full on the first tuition due date annually. The development fees are not prorated and are non-refundable.

Additional required fees:

  • apps (as specified by Halcyon) approx. £40-50
  • digital device(s), for example laptop / tablet, (as specified by Halcyon) costs vary
  • PE uniform approx.per item £17.99-£26.99
  • required residential trips costs vary

Other Optional Fees

  • Mother Tongue and other modern foreign languages (not offered as part of core curriculum) estimated per term £3,255
  • French Language B is offered as part of the timetable for current Grades 10 and 11 at an additional cost per term £1,120
  • extracurricular activities per term per activity free - £150 (dependent upon the activity)

NOTE: All fees will be reviewed annually.

Additional Required Costs

Halcyon will specify apps throughout the year that students will need for digital learning. Students need to have an individual Apple ID set up in the UK Store and an iTunes account.

Books and Other School Supplies:
Halcyon loans books and digital resources to students for use during the school year with the understanding that they will be managed responsibly and returned in good condition, allowing for normal wear and tear. Any damaged or unreturned materials will be billed to the student’s account at replacement cost. Students are expected to provide their own personal school supplies, including; pencil case for pens (blue and black), pencils (graphite and coloured), highlighter, glue stick, 30cm ruler, mathematical instruments, and homework diary (digital or paper). 

Digital Devices:
Halcyon will require each student to have a specified device(s) for digital learning plus an appropriate cover or case.

All students must have an iPad (iPad Air or higher, with at least 32GB space) compatible with the latest Mac operating system, plus headphones. Optional accessories include: bluetooth keyboard, additional charging cord, iPad stylus pen.

In addition to the above requirements, Grades 10 and 11 are required to have a personal laptop (Mac or PC).

All students are required to have regular and consistent access to a laptop or desktop computer, with WiFi at home, to complete and upload assignments.

PE Uniform

Students will be required to wear Halcyon PE uniforms which can be purchased directly here.


As part of our commitment to sustainability, we will make all efforts to utilise public transportation, therefore students are required to obtain a Zip Oyster PhotoCard with an automatic top-up feature which will be used for the majority of class trips. See the TfL website for how to apply. When necessary, Halcyon will hire transport for certain school-related activities.

Required Residential Trips

Residential trips are organised by the School in September, are included in the fees, and are integral to the curriculum. It is expected that all students participate.

Educational Testing

If there are concerns about a student’s progress, Halcyon reserves the right to require specific educational testing, at the parent's’ expense.

Discontinuing Extracurricular Activities or Language Classes

A term’s written notice will be required to discontinue certain extracurricular activities or language classes or a term’s fees for the extra tuition will be immediately payable in lieu as a debt.

Mid-year Admissions: Induction Day

Students who have successfully gained admittance to Halcyon will take part in an induction day from 1320-1535. You and your child(ren) will spend some time with members of our Leadership Team: our MYP Coordinator, our Digital Learning Leader and our Wellbeing Leader. This time will be dedicated to helping you set-up your child’s device, understanding the curriculum, and our wellbeing programme. 

Your child’s first full day of school will be on the following morning at 0830. 

Cancelling Acceptance

If more than a term’s written notice of cancellation has been given the School will limit the parent’s liability to the deposit. If less than a term’s written notice of cancellation is given the parents shall be liable to pay as a debt to the School one term’s fees at the rate payable for the term of entry, less the deposit.

If the offer of a place is made in the term immediately prior to the term of entry the parents may cancel their acceptance in writing at any time up to four weeks from the date the parent agreement was signed. The Deposit will then be retained by the School. If the parents give notice of cancellation after this date or give no notice of cancellation they will become liable to pay one term’s fees at the rate payable for the term of entry, less the deposit.

Leaving Notice

One full term’s written notice must be given before the first day of the term prior to leaving or a term’s fees in lieu of notice will be payable. Parents are encouraged to discuss decisions to withdraw the student with the Director before giving leaving notice. See the Terms and Conditions for further information.

Fees Following Expulsion or Required Removal

If the student is expelled or removed, there will be no refund of fees. All arrears of fees and any other sums due to the school will be payable.

Anti-money Laundering

From time to time the School may need to obtain satisfactory evidence such as the sight of a passport for the identity of a person who is paying fees.

School Dates

Please see here.

NOTE: the calendar is subject to change and parents are advised to check with the school before booking flights.

Help and Advice

Please email our Admissions Director, Maria Rosengren if you have any questions about our application process or call on +44(0)20 7258 1169.